Antique charm

Antique and flea markets in Umbria

Antiques have a great potential and charm to be rediscovered. What better place to find them than an antique and flea market?


You could give a chance to some fascinating forgotten pieces of furniture, sometimes they are very unique items and can totally change the look of a room. Furthermore, if they’ve defied time there must be good reasons, one of them is surely the resistance and quality of materials.


Antiques can also perfectly fit the traditional Italian rustic feel we aim at in our renovations. Their materials such as wood, iron, copper, bronze etc., their natural colors, are an added value to the relaxing elegance we seek out in our projects, conveying even more uniqueness and charm to the environment.


Umbria has a large list of antique and flea markets going on throughout the year.

Below is a list of some of the antique and flea markets in Umbria.

  • Pissignano: the most important flea market in Umbria which takes place every first Sunday of the month. However, there may also be some extra appointments.
  • Città di Castello: It takes place every third Sunday in the historic center
  • Gubbio: every third Sunday in Piazza 40 Martiri – Logge dei Tiratori
  • Perugia: every last Saturday and Sunday of the month in the Rocca Paolina
  • Orvieto: every second weekend of the month in Piazza del Duomo
  • Terni: every second weekend of the month in the historic center
  • Todi: every second Sunday in Piazza del Popolo
  • Passignano sul Trasimeno: every third Sunday in the historic center


Antiques are mysterious and fascinating, they are able to hide one or many stories.  We are sure you would get bewitched by this amazing world.