Bathrooms are special rooms that deserve special attention.

Our objective is always to create a spece which is functional and beautiful. Simple but effective décor, spacious showers and a rustic mix of natural hues reflect the Umbrian-Tuscan style where the prevailing theme is comfort and relaxed elegance.

To ensure the ideal mood of the rustic Italian style we choose earth tone colors like ochre, terracotta and soothing greige.

Surfaces are natural, earthy materials, generally matte or distressed, rather than sleek and shiny in appearance. and countertops might feature matte stone like natural travertine rather than gleaming marble, continuing the down-to-earth, relaxing aesthetic.

Floors are usually in traditional terracotta tile or tiles in sandy, natural colors. Hand-painted or distressed finishes on wood furniture add character to the feel.

For the walls, we prefer to focus on one tone of the typical color palette where soft, natural earth tones prevail.

When it comes to surfaces in Tuscan bathrooms, the natural, earthy theme continues. Hand made terracotta tiles are often featured for floors, backsplashes, and shower tiling. Countertops and sinks may feature natural stone or granite in earth tones and matte finishes.

For the lighting scheme in the bathroom, we choose a mix of task and decorative lighting, with task lighting illuminating the shower and sink areas, and decorative lights placed strategically in feature locations.

Fixtures like faucets and showerheads are all made in Italy with a traditional look.