Lime painting is an ancient practice and is able to replace traditional paint for painting walls. Its advantage is that, unlike traditional paint, lime does not possess any toxic components in its composition. The regular off-the-shelf paint is composed of binders, glues and petrochemical pigments that are harmful to health.

Lime paint instead is made of lime, natural earth, borax and casein. The walls painted with this material are ultimately more resistant to the formation of mold, because lime is a very alkaline substance. The coverage is excellent and the paint is extremely breathable and is suitable for brick walls, common plasters and natural stone.

Benefits for the environment: to produce lime we need less energy compared to that required for the production of traditional binders. Furthermore the lime cycle absorbs 100% of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere during the conversion of calcium oxide into calcium.

Health benefits: in lime paint there are no heavy petrochemical components and solvents that are harmful to our lungs and nervous system.