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The fireplace

The fireplace has always played a fundamental role in daily life since the Greeks and Romans. At that time it was used for melting metals and […]

3 key words when renovating a historical home in Italy

Compatibile. Recognizable. Respectful. These three words are key when renovating a historic building as many centuries of history are embedded in its architecture and it will […]

The 5 L’s: how to start renovating a property in Umbria or Tuscany

You’ve already purchased your dream property in Tuscany or Umbria and are looking to purchase one that needs work. How can you take it to the […]

The Beauty of the Arch

Most people think that Romans invented the arch. However, we find the first evidence already from the Etruscan and Sumerian times. In spite of that, only […]

Stone walls – secrets and tips

In a house by the countryside or in an apartment in a historic city center, probably under the plaster of the walls, some will be lucky […]