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Umbria Jazz… is back in town

The notes of horns, saxophones and double basses are ready to cheer up the beautiful Umbrian main town, Perugia. If you are into jazz music you […]

Il Mercato delle Gaite – Bevagna, Umbria

Umbria is a beautiful region with many green areas and quaint villages, ideal for hiking, enjoying a genuine and savory cuisine, not to mention the excellent […]

Don’t miss “Festival dei 2 Mondi” in Spoleto

In the ancient capital of the kingdom of the Lombards, Spoleto, each year a fantastic international event takes place: Il Festival dei 2 Mondi, literally “festival […]

Magical Mills

Umbria, with its abundance of waterways, has widely exploited water as a source of energy for the numerous mills. The oldest mills in central Italy are […]