The 5 L’s: how to start renovating a property in Umbria or Tuscany

You’ve already purchased your dream property in Tuscany or Umbria and are looking to purchase one that needs work. How can you take it to the next stage and actually complete the process of living your dream home? Here are the 5 L’s that are a useful guideline that we share with all our customers and friends.

  1. Look around you: If you have chosen your property in a specific location, it is because you have fallen in love with the area, views, fragrances and culture. Listen to your surrounds and to the property, if you remove all the typical local charm you may lose what you fell in love with in the first place.
  2. Learn about local architecture: either your estate agent or a good local contractor/architect will be able to explain the uniqueness of our local buildings and the materials used to build them.
  3. Local building techniques: traditional building techniques, which are specific to the area in which your property is located, are key. The quality of the stone, the variety of wood and other customary materials (wrought iron, terracotta tiles) which are traditionally used will ensure your renovation is sympathetic to the its history and surrounds.
  4. Listen to your property: if you have purchased a traditional farmhouse or a typical town house in a village, chances are that your property will have many unique features and authentic architectural elements that you will enjoy looking at after the renovation. These should dictate your floorplan and furniture arrangement.
  5. List your needs: The floorplan must take into consideration structural issues and must be respectful of the key features of the home. At the same time, the floorplan must reflect your specific needs in terms of use of rooms, service areas and overall functionality. The combination of all of the former will require planning and usually some time. Approach this design phase with an open mind and a little patience. The perfect floorplan is always possible!