The chimneys

“I am a child standing on the roofs and knowing the roofs and the tiles and the chimneys and the smoke from the chimneys and the sky above the chimneys. Is it enough? You must know that it is not difficult to live on the roofs. Many cats do it and I do it too, in fact I can not live in a country where the houses do not have roofs. The most, among those I know, feel sheltered under a roof, but I’m on it and I feel sheltered from the sky.”
The sky above the chimney pots, Nadia Agustoni.


Among the various elements that animate the roofs, the chimney pots are of great interest. In fact, once the roofing was completed, the chimney was the “signature” of the master builder who had completed the work.


Here he could give vent to his creativity and put into practice all his personal knowledge to ensure chimney draft.

The chimney is an extremely perishable element. In addition to the tampering that was suffered each time the covers were renewed, it was damaged even when the chimney flames or collapses due to seismic events. In the chronicles of the earthquakes, alas, recollections relating to the collapse of the funnels frequently occur frequently.

Nevertheless, in the territory there are still many models that can be safely conducted at the beginning of the XVth centuryThe chimneys are always made on the form of the brick, the tile and from the different combinations of these elements many topological families are born. In some chimneys also apotropaic elements appear, such as the horns against the lightning, made by inserting on the crown two thin strips of tile.