The light

“Architecture is the skillful, rigorous and magnificent play of volumes assembled in light.”

(Le Courbusier)



Light, in architecture, plays a very important role. It can discover and rediscover, it can exalt and, with its absence,  it can shadow and hide.

Light is the means by which we can stand out valuable architectural elements, those architectural gifts that are made for us every time we begin a new renovation.

It is not itself an architectural element, but a faithful support to the elegance of the various elements that mark and characterize the space.  Often, we literally “brought to light” niches and ancient stones that have been covered by decades of layers of white plaster. Light enhances what may escape to the naked eye. It leads us to the discovery of new spaces and forcefully focuses on them, without taking the upper hand. This is why using the right light source can remarkably affect the result of the work.

Indirect lights are preferred for a more harmonious language with the spaces and furnishing elements of a historic house, those point-like and direct for more modern houses.Take a look at our projects, you will understand what we are talking about.