The tile is the basic element of traditional coverage, a harmonious union between beauty and functionality. It is irreplaceable, both for the restoration and for the new architectures. The roof of tiles is part of the Italian architectural tradition: the tiles alternate upside down and straight, in orderly and regular rows; with warm colors. They are mixed with water, dried in the air and cooked over a wood fire.


However, there is not only the aesthetic factor: the tile in fact, allows a better flow of water (provided that the slope is not too low, below 30% or 18 degrees, in which case it is good to flank it with adequate waterproofing) and therefore a total protection against atmospheric agents, an absolute resistance to frost, a high capacity to resist the wear and tear of time. Precisely because of its characteristics, the roof tile is the most suitable in cases of renovations of old houses, both in the city and in the country: not only because, in most cases, it is what was already at the top of the ‘building, but above all because the tile also allows the recovery of existing still good pieces and mix them with new ones, perhaps entrusting to them the lower layer of seal and those of the era the task of not making the difference with the past feel; in any case the result will be perfect both aesthetically and functionally.

Source: http://www.dibaio.com/i-coppi/